Startup Pitch Decks

Making pitches more perfect

Project Description

One of our most ambitious and exciting new undertakings has been partnering with companies like Trulytell, Techstars, and even TechCrunch to craft startup pitch decks that sway investors to back the founders' vision. To date, our pitch decks have helped companies secure multiple millions of dollars in investments. We've worked widely across the Software as a Service (SaaS), finance (FinTech) nonprofit and philanthropy, apparel, venture capitalism, outer space (Deep Tech), AI, automotive, and manufacturing spaces.

Outstand Brand supported startups and tech ventures with...

  • Pitch Deck Design

    Worked along startups to hone the visual messaging and presentations for investment and sales pitches.

  • Brand Identity

    Helped to craft numerous startup brand identities, from logo, to color palette, to visual identity, to brand tagline. The goal is always to help them stand out in a sea of Silicon Valley sameness.

  • Mood Boards

    Helped companies to ideate on new visual identities and direction with early-stage branding work.