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We're here to make your branding even more outstanding.

We love seeing the great work that small businesses and non-profits can do. We hate seeing them throw away money on weak logos, websites, and marketing. We're here to showcase your work and help you grow your fan base and business.

Our Promise

We'll help you communicate loud and clear.

We cut out cluttered communication and messy marketing, because the one with the clearest message wins.

We'll make your message more memorable.

We craft messages and designs to "stick like a Post-It note on the brain" because customers will always choose the brands they remember.

We'll ensure you transfer something timeless.

We take the time to understand what makes your business truly outstanding, because that's what all lasting brands are built on.

Anyone can blend in. Only a few will ever stand out.

The story behind Outstand Brand

Our name, Outstand Brand, and its own branding was inspired by this photo. It was a quick snap on a phone camera from a distance years ago on a safari tour.

Somehow, I kept coming back to this simple, minimal image and thinking about how striking a giraffe looks against the horizon. A giraffe's design and natural advantage is unmistakeable: It's able to rise above and reach what others cannot.

When it comes to your brand, we want people, right away, to see and choose you for your clear advantage. Your memorable design. Your timeless appeal. We want you to rise above "ground level" where everyone else is grazing and become truly outstanding.

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Outstand Brand LLC is a branding agency in Canton, Ohio specializing in website design, logo design, and marketing for small business and nonprofits.
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