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Eastpointe Church

Website and graphics to fit a fresh re-brand.

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The main goal was to build a site that could accommodate events, videos and media with a content management system that would be manageable for a volunteer or part-time staff member to update.


Along with the design, I worked with Eastpointe’s leadership to develop the voice and tone of their online web presence, and helped create around 70% of the web copy.


Eastpointe had already gone through a recent logo and branding process, but they were also hoping to create new teaching series material in line with their refreshed brand. I’ve loved working on developing these themed graphics together!

When Eastpointe Christian Church's leadership approached me to help them build a new online home for their congregation, I was incredibly excited. We worked together to create a clear, easy-to-navigate website along with some new teaching series artwork that showcased their brand's new typography and color palette.

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You've done a fantastic job - thank you!

Dan Stoffer
Lead Pastor, Eastpointe Christian Church

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